Legal support

The specialists of our company have been working in the legal services market for a long time. During this period, we have expanded the headquarters of our employees and partners to almost 200 people, in 37 European countries, 50 American states, Canada and Israel, and they trust us.

International legal assistance in the areas:

  • receiving inheritance from abroad;
  • genealogical search for heirs in the EU countries;
  • payments to road accident participants;
  • insurance payments for injuries at work;
  • settlement of disputes in international commercial arbitration;
  • payments to families in case of death abroad;
  • claims arising from harm to health, property;
  • cancellation of deportation;
  • collection of of debts abroad;
  • representing the interests of individuals and legal entities in the courts of foreign states.

We provide legal support to individuals and legal entities in the market of the European Union, USA, Canada. Our attorneys have many years of experience in administering financial compensation cases. These are high-level lawyers in Europe. Each case is approached individually. Be sure that your case will be assessed and analyzed in the best possible way by the bar of our firm. The main profile of our activity is compensation for death or injury of CIS citizens on the territory of the European Union, settlement of disputes in international commercial arbitration, inheritance abroad, genealogical search for heirs and cancellation of deportation.


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