Greece's immigration program “residence permit for investment” has become the most popular in Europe

In 2019, Greece's state program for foreign investors, attracting €23 million a week, became the leader among European programs. In terms of the number of main applicants, the Greek “residence permit for investment” scheme is ahead of its closest competitor, the Portuguese immigration program, by 40%.

According to the industry publication Immigration Daily, between the end of September and the beginning of December of this year, 742 applications from the main applicants were approved under the Greek program “residence permit for investment”. According to statistics, 92% of applicants for a residence permit in Greece are investors from China, who make up 68% of all participants in the Greek program that started in 2013. During the program's existence, foreign investors have brought at least €1.51 billion to the Greek economy.

Experts in the field of investment immigration note the merits of the new Greek government, which adopted many legislative amendments aimed at increasing the country's attractiveness to foreign investors.

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